Close encounters of the original kind (like when we hopped out of the trees for the first time…..)

One of our media people asked a group of us for our wildlife “close calls.”  So putting on my best Crocodile Dundee accent, I wrote down the following true stories–in the spirit of the ADD internet, I’ll post these one at a time.  .

“[Beer in hand, funny Australian accent, at the ready ]  So, no joking, there I was……..]

English: Galapagos shark

English: Galapagos shark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snorkeling on a wreck in 30 feet of water off Palmyra at 6 degrees above the equator and at least 2 days and $100k from an emergency room.  I had wandered off in one direction and my group was about a quarter mile away.  I was coming back up for air when I saw a big torpedo shape about 100 yards away, headed straight for me.   I surfaced, breathed and then looked again—closing fast was a 10 foot long grey shark.  It came within 10 feet of me, circled twice, almost like a labrador retriever sniffing a new friend, then moved off in the same direction it had been going.  My marine biologist colleagues later congratulated me on sighting a relatively uncommon Galapagos Shark.

Distribution map for Carcharhinus galapagensis

Distribution map for Carcharhinus galapagensis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was glad that my pants were already wet…..


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  1. The shark probably thought you were going to ask him to go for a nice easy run the next morning and then proceed to run his ass (tail fin) into the pavement (or sand). Word gets around, Charles!

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