Bedfordian Knots

One of our media people asked a group of us for our wildlife “close calls.”  So putting on my best Crocodile Dundee accent, I wrote down the following true stories–in the spirit of the ADD internet, I’ll post these one at a time.  .

“[Beer in hand, funny Australian accent, at the ready ]  So, no joking, there I was……..]

Snorkeling on a wreck in 30 feet of water off Palmyra at 6 degrees above the equator and at least 2 days and $100k from an emergency room.  I had wandered off in one direction and my group was about a quarter mile away.  I was coming back up for air when I saw a big torpedo shape about 100 yards away, headed straight for me.   I surfaced, breathed and then looked again—closing fast was a 10 foot long grey shark.  It came within 10 feet of me, circled twice…

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  1. Hi Charles,

    T sent me your blog link and I linked to it just now. Small world…my secretary’s son was just this morning asking her to ask me about Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley and Jeff Buckley, all of whom he is discovering this week at age 18. Some other artists I suggested he look into are Nick Drake (“Pink Moon” and “Five Leaves Left”, Elliot Smith (“Figure Eight” and all of his stuff), Joy Division (“Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer”, and the great, great movie “Control”), and The Smiths (“The Queen is Dead” and “Louder Than Bombs”).

    I’m sorry we missed you this summer….

    We are heading out to Colorado at Thanksgiving to visit Grandma Pinkie who lives in Morrison now!!! We’re gonna spend 4 days in Glenwood Springs as well so Ry can fish.

    I’m glad to hear that you guys are retiring in Moab, because my current retirment destination is Prescott, AZ, so we won’t be far apart.

    I hope all is well…and your traveling schedule isn’t too brutal.

    All my best!!!


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