Bedfordian Knots


The second evening in Glacier National Park after a nice dinner at the Many Glacier Lodge—it stays light til about 11 at that time of year—I decided after dinner to hike in to a back country lake and camp.

I got to the lake around 930 and was laying out my bag when I saw, across

Redrock lake, two grizzlies—a momma and her fairly large year old cub—walking down the trail that I had just come up and on which i was now camping..   The wind was at their back so they couldn’t smell me, and they don’t see accurately very far.   So I started yelling, “Hey Bear” to make sure I didn’t surprise them.   I had left the pepper spray in the car, so I was just hoping that they were on their way through as opposed to looking to stop for dinner.

The problem was that…

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